New construction

ABELLA Studio for an artist

New construction


Obra nova

84,65 m2

Sonsoles Miguel

Alejandro Daffunchio, Architect
Bernuz-Fernandez, Architects
Structures consultant

Integral restoration of a pigsty to do a study for an artist in Abella de la conca in the Pallars Jussà region. The old pigsty was in a state of ruin. With the integral rehabilitation, the concrete slab  and the roof are remade, and the facade enclosures are consolidated and insulated, preserving at all times the character of the original building typology and improving the building’s energy conditions. The result is a study, in a single space, inside the stone envelope. There is an intermediate wooden slab from which there is a visual relationship with the different spaces of the studio and which at all times emphasizes the views towards the lower valley.