Public works

CEIP MARTA MATA. Vilanova del Camí

Public works


New construction public works

2.316,80  m2

Xavier Aquilar, Architect
Rosa Torras, Architect
Engineering, structures and budget:
Taller de Ingenieria Ambiental

Project carried out in collaboration with Xavier Aguilar, Architect. Public works competition organized by GISA. New construction of the Marta Mata school in Vilanova del camí. The program is solved according to the premises of the education department: a ground floor building plus a typical floor, with the area intended for early childhood education, exterior porches, administrative area, dining room, gymnasium and ground floor track; and the first floor is reserved for the rest of the primary program with its special classrooms and tutorials. Given the time of delivery of the building, one of the bases of departure of the contest was that, the system of construction had to be prefabricated in concrete as much in structure as in enclosures. The entrance to the building is generated at an intermediate level to minimize earth movements and take advantage of a public playground as an entrance to the building.