Integral restoration

MKV House

Integral restoration


Integral restoration

134,55 m2

Jason Keith

Federico Imbrogiano, Architect
Anna Riba, Architect
Bernuz-Fernandez, Architect
Structures consultant

Integral restoration of a house between medians in the area of ​​the old town of the Clot district in Barcelona. The house during the last years had suffered acts of vandalism and was almost in a state of ruin. With the integral rehabilitation, the slabs, floors and roofs are remade, and the facade enclosures are consolidated and insulated, preserving at all times the nature of the typology of the original dwelling and improving the habitability conditions to achieve a single-family house with a low level diaphanous with cross ventilation and related to the street and the back cortyard with the kitchen, a toilet, the living room and dining room, a first floor with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and an under deck with two accessible terraces. The new structure is made of wood and the facilities were designed to improve the energy performance of the house.